The Gates of Guinee…

The Gates of Guinée

(The Casquette Girls series, book 4)


Alys Arden


As the Ghost Drinkers seep into the crevices of the Crescent City, leeching the French Quarter of magic, the local witches are consumed with a new fight for survival. Adele has one chance to save everyone she loves, but it will mean breaking away from her coven and trusting a vampire.


For the first time in four hundred years, Niccolò Medici feels on the precipice of finding his stolen grimoire. But in order to restore his family’s legacy, he’ll have to succumb to his darkest desires.


New York transplant and first responder Isaac Thompson will stop at nothing to protect Adele, even if he has to give in to his Spektral magic to unearth the truth about Nicco’s monstrous past.


For those who choose to pass through the Gates of Guinée, the rules of the Afterworld are simple: Don’t eat the food. Tell no lies.


In a whirl of lucid dreams, fetish markets, and ancestral reunions, only those who bare their souls will survive this ghostly hunt, or else they’ll join the land of the dead permanently.


Teetering on the razor’s edge between everything she desires and utter madness, only her heart and her magic can lead Adele back home… if only Callisto Salazar hadn’t stolen her Fire, and the most secretive one of them all hadn’t stolen her heart.



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We’re Putting The Band Back Together!

Dan Alatorre

Some phrases say a lot with a little. They’re kinda like memes before memes were cool.

If memes are cool…

(Can’t say I’m digging the new WordPress editing system. Lots of extra hoops to jump through and who needs that? Keep it simple, WP!)

So I was talking to a friend recently, and we were discussing how a song you used to like can suddenly change and make you not like it. I had one oldie that I liked, and it was maybe a fave from my childhood, but it was an oldie when I was a kid, so I guess it’s an extra-oldie. (Why oldies? Pop radio plays the same ten songs over and over so I dial around to stay sane…)

Anyway, I thought it had a great tune and it was catchy, but when I heard it recently and listened to the actual words the guy sang…

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