Hoist the Colors!

I can’t wait to read this book!

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Time for a bit of piracy, mates. Welcome to P. S. Bartlett who’s here to tell us about her newest book; Demons & Pearls, the Razor’s Adventures. Take it away, Peggy.


Articles of the Code of the Demon Sea


1. The captain of the ship is to be elected by a majority vote of the crew: If any time the crew finds just cause and sufficient evidence to prove the Captain unfit or the Captain is killed in battle, the Quartermaster shall act as Captain until the vote is taken. The Vote must be taken within one full day of its announcement. Failure to follow this procedure will be deemed mutiny.

2. Every man has a vote in affairs of moment; has equal title to the fresh provisions, or strong liquors, at any time seized, and may use them at pleasure, unless a scarcity makes it necessary, for…

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Just Like You

Rain, rain and more rain. Gloom makes it easy to hunt, but the quality of blood wandering the streets? Seriously lacking.
I did it again tonight–just once, but once is enough.

You probably thought I wasn’t paying attention or assumed I disapproved so vehemently that I took no notice of your method. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Anonymous, brutal and wickedly sexy. No need to cover my tracks. My bite is so precise, almost surgical, it would take a microscope to see the wounds. My prey certainly never see me coming–or leaving. I drop them in a crumpled heap where they stood.

A viper, a reaper, an unapologetic monster …just like you.

Bad Night…Good Day. Best Day To Come

Tonight is a rare occasion when I write as Anne Marie.

Last night was a rough, hospital night. As my BFF Sorcha would say, it was one of those nights when nothing you do makes any difference. She learned from her mother’s nursing wisdom, back in World War I.  I’ve learned from twenty seven years as a Respiratory Therapist. But, in 2015, those wise words still ring true.

Everyone knows the right thing to do, but so few stand up and make it happen. Because, it’s hard. Doing nothing is easy. Doing the right thing takes guts. I watched Scandal tonight and thought, Olivia Pope and Sorcha Alden would have hit it off. Two strong women, from different times, with the same mind.

So, maybe, just maybe, by God’s grace, our bad night turns good in the end. It happens. We’re due.

Better yet, is the excitement of joy to come. Joy with a capital J….or a capital R.

Little girl…your world awaits.




Always alone when the veil drops…

Crystals shiver and jingle in the breeze of an airless room.

A brittle shadow.

Blur of a fading spirit. Whisper of a borrowed dream.

Hope is a tease.

Beneath the worn floor pounds a heartbeat that survived hell.

Belief is paradise.

The scarred clock ticks and restarts time with a union of eternal souls.

…never really alone.