Big Harmony



Most yearn for heartwrenching, final goodbyes and lament lost salvation. Given the choice of reconciliation or compassion, most choose the dream…the illusion…damn the consequences and the blessing of swift tragedy.

While the front door is for the thrill seekers, the exit ramp is a journey reserved for the strongest of a chosen few. Against all common sense, I’ve opted for that gruesome path, over and over again. Much more than a job, it’s a calling.

Someday, somewhere, the bells will ring with reward—as pure as summer rain, constant as eternal soul, smooth as blended notes and rich with big harmony.


Since The First Time…


“Once you’ve visited New Orleans, the rest of your life will be spent planning to return.

That is…if you ever leave at all.”

I’m a life-long New Jersey resident, but I find bits and pieces of New Orleans everywhere I go.

One twinkle of fine crystal, whiff of incense or wail of a late-night saxophone, and I’m in the Vieux Carre. Standing on the crooked curb, hiding under balconies to dodge raindrops, or running my hands over walls that have witnessed centuries of Crescent history.

Last night we visited Frenchtown, NJ and the marvelous studio of our friends, Linda and Stefan Bright. One look at the chandelier medallion and I discovered the NOLA connection there too.

Thank you for a delicious dinner and a fantastic night of catching up!

Always remember, it’s never too early for Abita Amber in a go-cup.

So…You Wanna Be A Pirate?

Summer 2015 is right around the corner.

Looking for a great beach book or longing to be swept into an exotic world of swashbuckling pirates?

The perfect solution…

Pirate ship (2)

Demons and Pearls by P.S. Bartlett delivers!

Romance—got that. Mystery—check. Scrumptious hero—hell yes, with flaming red hair!

The story opens with a fierce battle, and the action never lets up.

All pirates are scoundrels. Or are they?

Wait—what about a heroine? Ivory Shepard, The Razor, fits the bill. Kidnapped along with her cousins, she’s an underdog but nothing will keep her from defending her family. Not treachery or lies…and definitely not being a woman.

Falling for a handsome Pirate Captain was just icing on her cake.

My recommendation…

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the story. Can’t wait for Ivory’s next adventure!