Where Does Your Story Come From? 20 Questions With Author Anne Marie Andrus


A Conversation about writing with Dan Alatorre…

Dan Alatorre

img_2351-5 your humble host

Here on the blog we like to dive deep and reveal the inner working of the writerly mind by asking the thought provoking questions we all need to know…

We also interview friends just to see what’s up.

Which is this? Beats me. Read on and decide for yourself as I sit down with Anne Marie Andrus and talk writer stuff.

Dan: Hello Anne Marie!

A1uHSOG8oLL._UX250_ author Anne Marie Andrus

Anne Marie: Hi Dan! Hello fellow authors!

Thanks for joining us. Are you back in full swing after the holidays? I seem to be dragging – a common post holiday affliction for many writers.

If you’re anything like me, very little writing takes place over the December holidays. However, the first months of each year are my time to take a deep breath and center my writer’s soul. Okay, reality check, I try to chart a general direction…

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5 thoughts on “Where Does Your Story Come From? 20 Questions With Author Anne Marie Andrus

  1. Nawlins. I’m about to photograph a second line down the in the heart of things. I’ll ask them locals what they think.

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    • So, I asked one of the brothers — a tuba player to be exact — and he said, “Man you trippin’? I thought you was from here. It’s Nu Orleeeeeens.”

      There you have it. From the heart of the hood to the grasslands of Nu Joisy.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this with your readers! I enjoyed interviewing you.

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  3. da-AL says:

    Love this! many thanks for posting it 🙂

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