Early morning thought…

Look up,

Twisted metal, forged in flame,

A work of art that lit your romantic gathering of familiar strangers,

Look up,

Ancient wood, carved with wind,

Enough glitter and spark to paint monsters as angels,

Look up,

Scarred bone, ravaged by predators,

Cruel dawn light pierces crystal, and the silhouette turns grotesque,

Look up, 

Prehistoric serpents, coiled and ready to strike,

Think you’re safe,  sipping coffee under that sculpture of the night?

Look up,

By the time you see the viper’s crimson eyes, it will be too late…









6 thoughts on “Early morning thought…

  1. Tracing Abby says:

    Really beautiful imagery. Beautiful poem.

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  2. Nice–I enjoyed the repeated element, “Look up.” A nice marriage of structure and meaning. Well done. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. Love your perspective in many of the photos we’ve looked at. You have an eye for beauty! Best wishes for continued good sight!

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