Blogger Spotlight: Anne Marie at “Monsters and Angels”

Thank you Brian for allowing Steven a few minutes in the spotlight! I’m sure he would take a modest bow, secretly wishing for streamers and confetti to burst from the ceiling.

Bonnywood Manor

green fence

Editor’s Note: Anne Marie is currently working on a project involving two of my favorite things, one of them being New Orleans and the other… well, I don’t want to reveal too much. In this excerpt, we get to meet the unique character of Steven, who certainly has a way with words, among other talents. I like how, even though we aren’t sure what’s going on, Anne Marie leaves us wanting to know more. Enjoy.

Perfectly Laid Plans

A gentleman with flaming red curls mingled his way through the candlelit tables, whispering in ears and returning nods before settling in his reserved seat to intercept the gaze of his perfectly coiffed date. “Your eyes reflect every shade of emerald in this room. I could positively drown.”

The man’s fork paused in mid-air.

“Has dinner been to your liking?”

“Exceptional, Mister Steven. I’ve had two helpings of the special.”

“Ah, the…

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