3-Word Challenge: “Under the Square” by Anne Marie Andrus

I had a wonderful time participating in Brian’s 3-Word Challenge and was so thrilled to see my characters (especially Steven), get a little limelight. 🙂

Bonnywood Manor

Under 5

Guest Writer: Anne Marie Andrus

The Three Words: chicory, humidity, decadence

The Result: “Under the Square”

Trickles of murky water danced with shadows and fractures on the underground walls. Flickering candles twisted wilted blooms and innocent stone angels into a jungle of goblins.

“If you’re still fussing, you should have started earlier.” A redhead flashed through the arched doorway and scowled at his watch. “This place will never be anything but a tomb, disguised as our courtyard.”

“Like the desolate streets above us, masquerading as our city?” A man in a tuxedo slicked his mohawk straight up, and adjusted his bow tie. “I thought you said rebirth was near, Lord Steven.”

“It’s so close, I can taste it. You’ve followed my instructions to the final detail?”

“Haven’t I always, sir?”

“As much as humanly possible, I guess.” Steven pointed to a steaming carafe. “Pour.”

The man’s shoulders slumped. “What am…

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