So…You Wanna Be A Pirate?

Summer 2015 is right around the corner.

Looking for a great beach book or longing to be swept into an exotic world of swashbuckling pirates?

The perfect solution…

Pirate ship (2)

Demons and Pearls by P.S. Bartlett delivers!

Romance—got that. Mystery—check. Scrumptious hero—hell yes, with flaming red hair!

The story opens with a fierce battle, and the action never lets up.

All pirates are scoundrels. Or are they?

Wait—what about a heroine? Ivory Shepard, The Razor, fits the bill. Kidnapped along with her cousins, she’s an underdog but nothing will keep her from defending her family. Not treachery or lies…and definitely not being a woman.

Falling for a handsome Pirate Captain was just icing on her cake.

My recommendation…

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the story. Can’t wait for Ivory’s next adventure!