Until Next Year…


At midnight, it was technically over. The beads, drinking, news coverage and the official police sweep of Bourbon Street. Over for the outsiders. Locals and mortals all know the fun is just beginning. With the eyes of the world elsewhere, the city can drift back to the Crescent version of normal.

Bring on unbridled mischief and joyful mayhem until the unforgiving daggers of sunlight drive us underground. Wicked is just firing up in secret chambers where the Mississippi’s power thunders only inches away.

Yes, if you’re looking at your calendars…it’s been weeks since Mardi Gras. This is the first night I’ve been drawn out into the fresh air. Perfect timing to witness spring exploding and watch Mother Nature and legendary spirits walk hand in hand.

New Orleans is never herself until magic reigns free.

Until next year…

One thought on “Until Next Year…

  1. Scott says:

    Love it


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