My one thing…

Before we left on our voyage, the one luxury I couldn’t live without was lipstick. Back then, browsing through the French Market with Charmaine, I thought that choosing between five shades of pink was overwhelming. Now, a stroll through any Manhattan makeup department is almost too much to absorb–and I’m only focused on lipstick. And stain, and gloss.
Is ordering one of everything over the top? Probably, but too bad, because that’s what I did.
Hundreds of tubes and pots in every color and hue, spread around me on my huge bed.
Armed with a fistful of lipstick brushes and a stack of tissues, I spent all night trying on one after the other. Pink is history. The colors I love are closer to my natural blue-ish tint that I’ve spent years trying to disguise.
All night.
The verdict; stain lasts longer, lip pencils are my personal revolution and the color of choice is…wait for it…Venom.

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