Ruby Slips and Poker Chips: The Modern Tale of Dorothy Gale

Second grade teacher Dottie Gale lives in the tiny town of Quandary, Kansas, which is pretty much smack dab in the middle of nowhere. No mountains. No ocean. No life. Her ex-boyfriend and current school board member, Corbin Lane, cheated on her, making school functions more than a little awkward. But worst of all, a tornado named Maxine Westward rips through Dottie’s school as the new principal and has made her life at work a living hell.

When Dottie is chosen to go to a teacher’s conference in Las Vegas, she knows her life is going to change!

Driving from Quandary to Vegas, three strangers enter her life. Through a string of situations involving poppies, flying monkeys, and a life sized sculpture of an iconic rock star the four soon become inseparable. So, when Westward arrives on her broom in Vegas, Dottie is ready for battle. Her boss blackmails her with stories of incarceration, thievery and a steamy relationship with her travel companion, but Dottie knows that those who hurl insults shouldn’t hold secrets of their own.


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Ruby Slips and Poker Chips

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Author Bio:

Heather Kindt grew up in Derry, New Hampshire, but now resides in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and two children. She loves writing YA fantasy and humorous fiction. Her debut novel. Ruby Slips and Poker Chips, won the Dan Alatorre Word Weaver Writing Contest.



Cheering for Dottie Gale!

A fresh spin on the legendary Wizard of Oz!

I thoroughly enjoyed Ruby Slips and Poker Chips and recommend it to all my readers and followers for a quick, fun, quirky read!

–Anne Marie Andrus

One thought on “Ruby Slips and Poker Chips: The Modern Tale of Dorothy Gale

  1. hmkindt says:

    I’m really excited to have others read Ruby Slips! It is a fun read. By the way, Anne Marie, the snowflakes on your site are fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

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